Vorhammer Computational Design was founded in 2016 by Simon Vorhammer. As a collective, we operate across different scales and typologies at the interface between architecture, design, and digital fabrication.
Our motivation is to realize non-standard projects through the creative use of technology. The key to this lies in our proprietary algorithms, which we develop on a project-specific basis. Our goal is to combine technical complexity with aesthetic minimalism. The innovative approach of the projects makes it necessary to think beyond established standards. We can draw on an extensive international network of architects, programmers, artists, specialist planners, and manufacturing companies.
We help to build complex structures, freeform geometries, and with the automation of design and manufacturing processes through the use of parametric 3D planning.
We further focus on developing so-called “Formfelder” – form fields – algorithmically generated surfaces made of natural materials with acoustic function.
We consider ourselves as a trusted team of transdisciplinary experts – across companies and geographical boundaries. Our clients are also collaboration partners at eye-level. Our studio is located in ​​the Old Wholesale Market in Munich – as a collective, we work decentralized and independent of location.


VCD Simon Vorhammer
Simon Vorhammer


VCD Maren Bea
Maren Bea

Selected Clients

Black Yak
Blitz Club GmbH
Cheil Germany
Ackermann GmbH


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